The Government passed a new FDI law in October 2018 which, in the words of His Highness sheikh Mohammed is designed to “open and expand economic sectors, attract new investors and cement global competitiveness of our national economy”.

The UAE attracted $ 15bn of FDI in 2018. The figure for 2019 is likely to be 20% higher than 2018. This an outstanding achievement and is a testament to our wise rulers who created the environment for FDI to flood into the country.

The new FDI law introduced 100% foreign ownership into 122 qualifying activities across 13 sectors. In addition and in an effort to help achieve the Government objectives of significant increases in the level of FDI coming into the country, a new dedicated unit within the Ministry of the economy has been established.

We at Synergate desire to play our part to help the Government and the leadership of the newly established FDI Unit to achieve their objective.

We believe we are able to do this because of the capabilities of the team and our strong relationships with; the Ministry of Economy, industry and commerce leaders, Government departments, Free zones Management and, CEOs of key groups that have the appetite for Joint ventures, partnerships and collaborations.

We are able to advise and support foreign entities that wish to establish a presence in the UAE in the following areas:

Conducting a market research and market feasibility to assess whether there is a commercially viable gap in the market for the clients’ products and services.

Assisting in the development of the most effective marketing and business development strategy to penetrate the market.

Preparing detailed profit and cash flow projections to reflect the financial implications of the strategy.

Assisting you in the recruitment of appropriate personnel.

Advising on the most appropriate legal vehicle to conduct the business and assisting in the company incorporation, permits, approvals, licenses and visas.

Assisting in the identification of the right premises and in negotiation with landlords.

Assisting in putting together the accounting systems and administration procedures and preparing monthly management accounts.

Making introductions to strategic JV partners and potential key customers.

Assisting in opening bank accounts.