Through our strategic relationship with Crossway Capital ( www.crosswaycapital.com.au). we are able to secure funding for large projects> $100m.

The criteria for accepting projects for funding are:

The Project must be shovel ready. In other word the project is ready to be executed. All that is missing is the funding.

The Project must be viable.

The Project principals are capable of delivering the project.

It must be located in stable country.

There must be off– takers, for example having a power purchase agreement (PPA) in the case of an energy project.

The executing contractor must have the appropriate technical expertise and the financial stability to execute the project.

To enable us to make a preliminary assessment of the eligibility of your project for funding please email us at (j.wazzan@synergate.co) with following key information:

Project description
Current status
Brief bios of principles
EBITDA after stabilization
Outline profit and cash flow projections
Project funding requirement and how much has already been invested